Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges for subscribing to Atracio?

Atracio pricing is based on a yearly subscription that changes according to the size of your fleet and the features you want to use. You can check our pricing plans here and decide which one fits your business needs. Contact us to get a detailed quotation and discuss with our experts to specify the best plan that matches your fleet size and activity requirements.

Are plan upgrades available on Atracio?

Yes they are available. Depending on your Atracio product, you can upgrade anytime to a different plan and get access to a larger choice of features. Contact us for assistance whenever you decide to make an upgrade.

My fleet size is going up and down, how Atracio pricing will change?

Atracio pricing is flexible and allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan per range of vehicles.

What is your refund policy?

In order to get you started on the system, we offer a 10 day-trial period. And since our customers had the time to try before they buy, we do not offer refunds.

How do I get started with Atracio?

First, we advise you to request your free live demo by filling in the online form. An Atracio consultant will reach out to you within the next 24 hours in order to analyze your business needs and get you acquainted with the software. We can also provide you with a free trial account to judge it by yoursef. Once you purchase your subscription, you will receive your account details and we will walk you through in-depth use of the software.

Atracio is easy to use and you will have access to many ressources including a full documentation to help you getting started. For further enquiries or questions to address, you can contact our support teams, available 24/7, by chat, e-mail or phone.

If I decide to purchase the software after the trial version. Will I have to start fresh or keep the already entered data?

Before you start the trial version, you will be asked whether you prefer an empty version to enter your own data for possible future use or a version that is filled with sample data. If you choose an empty account, you can start entering your data in order to use it after the trial.

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