Vehicle Management

Organize all your vehicles overwhelming information.

Run your fleet effortlessly and handle all the operations related to your vehicles such as the inventory, the acquisition details and the documentation.

Vehicle records

  • Store and view your vehicles information including identity, technical characteristics and administrative procedures.
  • Create classes to organize your fleet and assignments better.
  • Get access to your fleet's condition such as damages occurred, inspection checklist items, odometer, fuel level...
  • Manage any vehicle type including cars, trucks, vans, scooters, motorcycles, boats, etc.
Vehicle records

Acquisition and disposal

  • Save and review your vehicles acquisition details such as the date, amount, vendor and mode of acquisition (leasing, loan, purchase...)
  • Track each of your vehicles' payment history and get a detailed insight into your payment requirements, next instalments and remaining to be paid.
  • Archive in the system all the information and the assignments history of disposed vehicles that you do not use anymore.
Acquisition and disposal

Document center

  • Store and view all your important legal documents related to acquisition, registration, insurance, accidents, damages or disposal.
  • Store and review your vehicles photos. Capture before and after photos for further damage assessment.
Document center

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