Maintenance Management

Smoothly control your maintenance tasks using Atracio’s work orders, reminders, workshops, parts and damage management tools.

You can't afford to be burdened with issues such as maintenance. You need an automated solution to keep you effortlessly up-to-date with every single preventive or corrective maintenance operation.

Issues and work orders management

  • Record in the system any issue noticed about your vehicles, convert it to a work order and track its resolution progress.
  • Keep track of the maintenance history of each of your vehicles in addition to details including the service provider in charge, the type of the work order and the date of the repair.
  • Follow the payment history for the work orders and display the list of amounts paid and the total amounts due.
Work order management

Reminders and alerts

  • Always stay alert and never miss an appointment when it comes to your vehicles preventive maintenance.
  • Keep control of your administrative routine tasks and stay up-to-date on your insurances expiry or taxes payment.
  • Use Atracio’s alerts engine in order to set fine-tuned reminders as you get to choose among a large set of triggering events and parameters.
Reminders and alerts

Workshops management

  • Organize your workshops seamlessly by using Atracio to create job cards and visualize the workshop operations calendar.
  • Manage your labor planning by assigning each employee to a set of jobs then track their status and progress.
  • Store your workshop inventory details to keep track of all the spare parts in addition to saving their details such as the serial number, manufacturer, vendor, purchase date and warranty.
Workshops management

Tires and parts management

  • Keep track of spare parts and tires stored in multiple warehouses thanks to Atracio’s well-defined inventory management module.
  • Save all the tire related details like their size, manufacturer, vendor, warranty, purchase date and mileage, and store them in the system to be used in the times to come.
  • Schedule your tire routine inspections by using the alert system on which you can help convert any issue into a work order.
Tires and parts management

Damage management

  • Monitor the condition of each vehicle by validating the inspection checklist you had configured before (Radio tape, lifting jack...). Register the list of damages and their types (Dent, crack, ding...) and record vehicle’s mileage and fuel level.
  • Attach a set of pictures and documents to any vehicle’s file and visualize any potential damages.
  • Get a clear idea about any damage or accident that occurred by taking a look at the vehicles files that contain photos, documents, details about the time and location of the accident and the information about the driver in fault.
  • Get hold of your damage and repairs history that is filtered by vehicle, date, service provider or type and let Atracio evaluate the damages by using a damage cost matrix.
Tires and parts management

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