Dispatch and Assignments

Schedule and track the status of your vehicle assignments, deliveries and returns.

Organize your vehicle assignments requests and missions. Sync the planning and share expected vehicle deliveries and returned with the users in charge acccross multiple platforms.

Planning and scheduling

  • Prioritize and schedule your vehicles assignments, missions and deliveries.
  • Get instant visibility on the gaps in your vehicle assignments. Replace a vehicle in one click on the quick "Drag-and-drop" interface.
  • Get no more scheduling conflicts as you visualize and organize your vehicles assignments and maintenance work orders in one single place.
Planning and scheduling

Intuitive assignment process

  • Walk through a step-by-step process to create, specify, modify and validate a vehicle assignment.
  • Specify any additional extra equipments (GPS, phone, etc.).
  • Manage your employees’ profiles including primary and secondary drivers.
  • Generate automatically printable mission orders and inspection statements.
Intuitive assignment process

Vehicle deliveries & Returns

  • Be one click away from expected pick-ups and drop-offs of the day, share the list with the team and print it on the go.
  • Store vehicle delivery and return information such as the employee, the odometer value, the fuel level and the vehicle condition before and after the assignment.
  • Create and fill online pick-up and drop-off inspection sheets to compare the vehicle state before and after the missions for any loss or damages (scratches, dents, dings and cracks).
  • Record all accidents, fines, road tolls and fuel entries occurred during the assignment.
Vehicle deliveries & Returns

Electronic Signatures

  • Have your employees sign electronically the assignment order and inspection sheets on a signature pad device.
  • Print and save the assignment order with both the signatures of assigned employees, vehicle users/drivers and delivered clients.
Electronic Signatures

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