Contact Management

Manage your relationship with clients, suppliers and employees

Atracio guides you through managing your most valuable assets: your contacts. Reach out to them easily, set security roles to all users and gain insight over your mutual operations.


  • Give access to Atracio to an unlimited number of your employees to manage your car rental activity.
  • Use the permissions board to grant access to a restricted set of tasks and missions to each of your employees.
  • Record contact information and identity details of your employees in order to always be able to reach them.
  • Use the "white-board" to assign tasks to employees and track status and updates on the progress of each task.


  • Store and review the profiles of all your physical, corporate clients, primary and secondary drivers along with their ratings and reviews.
  • Get access to all KPIs about your clients’ revenues and their payment dues as well as their rental history.
  • Add any misbehaving client to a blacklist and prevent them from ever using your vehicles.


  • Archive and review all the contact information of your suppliers in your database to be used in the future when tracking a purchase.
  • Get full insight on your vehicle acquisitions from your vehicle vendors and on service entries or purchases history with your service providers.
  • Have a handle on your finances by tracking your expenses, bills and payments due.

In-house chauffeurs

  • Record details of your chauffeurs and hold all documents relating to them.
  • Use the availabilities planning to check your on-shift and off-shift drivers.
  • Assign new rentals to each of your in-house chauffeurs according to their availability.
  • Record chauffeurs leaves and absences to optimize your chauffeur workforce utilization.
In-house chauffeurs

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