Vehicle Management

Perfectly manage all the vehicles within your fleet

Atracio will let you smoothly handle all the operations related to your vehicles such as the inventory, the acquisition details and the documentation.

Vehicle records

  • Display the list of all your vehicles and get all the information related not only to the identity of the vehicle but also its technical characteristics.
  • Assign ACRISS codes to your vehicles and group them into classes.
  • Track the vehicles condition information (odometer, fuel level, inspection checklist, damages).
  • Manage any vehicle type including cars, scooters, motorcycles, vans, boats, etc.
Vehicle records

Acquisition and disposal

  • Access all your vehicles acquisition details including vendor/dealer details, the acquisition mode (purchase, loan, leasing…) and the acquisition amount.
  • Get a visual display of payment history for each of your vehicles and a detailed insight into your future instalments and remaining to be paid.
  • Label vehicles you do not use anymore as disposed in order to remove them from your rentable fleet. Any data related to them is yet to be archived.
Acquisition and disposal

Document center

  • Get instant access to all the important legal documents related to the purchase or disposal of the vehicles.
  • Store all the photos of the vehicles and copies of their administrative documents to be easily accessed any time.
  • Ensure you have full and quick access to important damage related documents such as accidents reports.
Document center

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