Rate Management

Fix easily your rental rates taking into regards many advanced parameters.

Setting prices and rates, adding equipment and options, fixing taxes and excess values: All tasks that would have been a nuisance if not for the efficiency and smoothness of Atracio.

Flexible pricing table

  • Choose the complexity of your pricing tables and build your rates according to predefined seasons and rental durations.
  • Set special deals using different parameters including dates, discount and promo codes.
  • Fix special rates for weekly, monthly or yearly basis in consideration of the long term rentals.
Flexible pricing table

Customizable extras

  • Define an unlimited number of extra equipment and options according to your clients’ request (GPS, baby seats, child seats...)
  • Customize your options by setting the maximum units per rental, maximum free units to offer per rental and the total amount not to exceed per rental.
  • Customize your waivers and insurances list as you please.
Customizable extras

Fees and Taxes

  • Define fees to be applied for each case: delivery and drop-off fees, cancellation or modification fees.
  • Set the right tax value that is charged for your services in your country and get automatically included in your rentals calculations.
  • Fix the rate of the security deposits that should be paid by the client depending on each vehicle’s class and category.
Fees and Taxes

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