Template Website

Get a brand new and ready-to-use reservation website already integrated with Atracio

Enable your customers to book directly from your website and use our features to raise maximum global reach by generating more commission-free direct reservations

Feature-rich, modern and mobile-friendly

  • Modern catchy design and stylish layouts
  • Responsive design loading on PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Customizable color themes, languages and currencies
  • SEO-ready
  • Multiple pages (About us, Testimonials, Contact us...)
  • Social network share buttons
  • Secure client space showing reservations status and history
Feature-rich, modern and mobile-friendly

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Use the smart content builder to upload and modify your photos and text at any time.
  • Define your own pages titles and meta-tags
  • Specify directly the translations of any text for all the configured languages
  • Validate your customer reviews and publish them on the website
Content Management System (CMS)

Payment gateways

  • Select the payment gateways you want to integrate to your website and start billing your customers. We support most of the well-known payment gateways including Paypal, Stripe or 2Checkout.
  • Set the percentage to pay online as a non-refundable fee to avoid big payment gateways commissions and cut-offs.
Payment gateways

Exceptional value for money

Thanks to our template-based website, your value for money is guaranteed. You will be able to attract a maximum of customers with a minimum of expenses.

Exceptional value for money

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